Hilbre Island

IMG_3034.JPGHilbre Island

Wont you hold my hand

Take me to that special place

That lies across the sand


As the sun sets low across the Dee

I feel its warm glow shine on me

I realize just how lucky I can be

To have my own Dee Estuary


A simple earth, deep with love

Touched with the hand of the sky above

A floating sanctuary in front of my town

Feeling its beauty, how can I ever feel down?


Outlines of people embarked on a pilgrimage

I can’t help but feel it’s a privilege

Is this what happiness is all about?

Watching the sunset over the Island as my children play and shout.


Oh how she dedicated her life to prayer

St Hildeburgh she knew how to care

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror of her

My three small Islands I have to compare

Adventure, excitement and the warmth that flows

My own three little islands who only my heart knows


Now as the sunset fades away

I feel the grief I had one day

Hold on, hold on, don’t leave right now

There’s so much to say, take another bow

And as she leaves, my Hilbre remains

Her strength, her love become my gain

I’m filled with her beauty, her stoic charm

A gift of peace and breathless calm.


Lisa Brown 2015


The final verse of this poem is my favourite, its the only one I have memorized (I can never remember what I write!).  The sunset is so beautiful yet its going, its about to leave and there’s nothing I can do it about it. It disappears and although it leaves a sadness it also leaves a lasting memory.  I love a sunset!!



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